Couture 1910

The most comfortable and breathable suit in town! And when it comes in so many colors, you can’t go wrong. This suit can take you anywhere from summer weddings to winter galas to just going to the office. Dress it up and wear all three pieces or dress it down with the coat and some nice jeans; this suit’s versatility is endless!

Jake- Navy

  • Coat: Jake- Navy -4372PV-037
  • Pants: Jake- Navy -4372PVP-037
  • Vest: Jake- Navy -4371V-037

Liam- Medium Grey

  • Coat: Liam- Medium Grey -4372PV-02
  • Pants: Liam- Medium Grey -4372PVP-02
  • Vest: Liam- Medium Grey -4371V-02

Maddox- Charcoal

  • Coat: Maddox- Charcoal -4372PV-08
  • Pants: Maddox- Charcoal -4372PVP-08
  • Vest: Maddox- Charcoal -4371V-08

Luke- Cobalt

  • Coat: Luke- Cobalt -4372PV-034

  • Pants: Luke- Cobalt -4372PVP-034

  • Vest: Luke- Cobalt -4371V-034

Hudson- Black

  • Coat: Hudson- Black -4372PV-01
  • Pants: Hudson- Black -4372PVP-01
  • Vest: Hudson- Black -4371V-01

Matthew- Tan

  • Coat: Matthew- Tan -4372PV-072
  • Pants: Matthew- Tan -4372PVP-072
  • Vest: Matthew- Tan -4371V-072

• Self-Face Notch Lapel
• Ultra Slim Fit
• Two Button Closer
• Flap Pocket

Available for Rent or Purchase

Available for Rental or Purchase – Call us today!
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